Marketing solutions that deliver, without you having to drive.

You know where you want to go, but need help to make the journey. Fortunately, just because you’re licensed doesn’t mean you have to drive. Hand over the keys and get back to doing what you do best.



The skillset of an agency with the reliability of an employee. We provide small business marketing services where the benefits are in your favor.


Strategy | Messaging | Content | Copywriting | Search + SEO | Email | Video | Design | Social

Marketing Strategy

We collaboratively strategize the big picture to get you farther, faster – with less stress.

Being known off- and online requires effective marketing – marketing that capitalizes on the channels and tactics aligned with your goals. It means knowing what works and recognizing what’s just smoke.

When we partner to build your marketing strategy, you get a second brain to navigate your internal culture, industry, and competition. Together, we pack the suitcase with exactly what will work best for your business.

Project Management

We act as the gatekeeper between you and the people or projects limiting your focus.

As a small business owner, you’re pulled in many different directions. With Sidecar as your project manager, the direction is set and we run with it, managing the project and the people involved so you can focus on what matters most.

While you’re leading, making big-picture decisions, and (gasp) spending time with your family, we’ll be in the background checking the details off and identifying potholes and time savers along the way.

Execution & Visualization

Together, we chart the course. Then, you hand over the keys so we can drive.

With the course plotted and directions in hand, we bring the plans full-circle: taking the wheel to put the strategy we’ve created into motion, from branding to content marketing to launching, and everything in between.

While we keep the car in drive, you and your team are freed to get back to your priorities, and your expertise. The road ahead never looked so easy – and for once, you’ll be able to say that time is on your side.

We meet you where you are and craft a roadmap specific to your destination.




Since I started working with Sidecar, I have been able to streamline my business and focus more of my time on work for my clients.

Rebekah and her team handle our marketing projects seamlessly – she's proactive, attentive to detail, and thorough. I'm never left guessing when a project will be done because she's so great with deadlines! Having Sidecar as a marketing partner helps my business run more smoothly, is an incredible asset, and a truly great investment!

– Dana Leavy-Detrick, Resume Writer & Career Consultant, Brooklyn Resume Studio


I cannot say enough about how much I value working with Sidecar Solutions.

Not only is Sidecar a godsend for marketing my business, Rebekah as the frontrunner is reliable, efficient, and extremely competent in her marketing expertise. She has been key in our new website launch and a huge branding overhaul. My team absolutely loves working with her not only because of her skills but also because she is easy-going, good-humored and very knowledgeable.

– Nicole Glassman, Mindful Health

Sidecar took marketing our software to a higher level!

Sidecar's work is fantastic! The strategy, sales aids, and collateral you've created allow me to communicate better who Scope 5 is and how we help clients. I can't thank you enough for how much your marketing is upping our professionalism and making sales more productive for me.

– Derek Eisel, Director of Sales, Scope 5


I had everything I needed to begin my health coaching business. Or at least I thought I did.

I went to Nutrition School and had all of the education I needed to coach. What I didn’t have was the expertise to market my business. That is when Rebekah came to my rescue. After meeting Rebekah at a conference, I knew she was the one who could guide me through where I desperately needed help. She is awesome to work with and has the expertise I needed to get my online marketing up and running. I look forward to a long relationship having Sidecar Marketing Solutions right by my side!

– Susie Procini, Health Coach at Age Perfection


As an ambitious one-woman-shop I executed everything myself and it’s been just fine. Then I met Rebekah.

After just one phone conversation, I realized in order to take my business to the next level, I needed help to execute more quickly and efficiently. Her passion for her work and her approach as a partner in the “Sidecar” made the investment and commitment incredibly easy to make.

Because I was able to hand over marketing work I didn't have expertise in, I've been able to free up more of my time to work with more clients, launch more projects, and grow my business without losing my mind. I've also been able to start brand new initiatives I never dreamed I could tackle because my time and energy was tapped after the regular day-to-day before I hired Rebekah and her team. Partnering with Rebekah has pushed me into the next chapter of my biz and really opened me up to whole new levels of badassery.

– Coach Jennie, Coach and Author of Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery


When I met Rebekah at an event and she told me about her business Sidecar Marketing Solutions, I knew I was in the right place at the right time.

I was just starting my coaching business and I needed someone to help me plan, streamline, create the marketing strategy, and keep it going. Rebekah and her team were perfect for the job. Sidecar helped me get my marketing strategy in order, successfully implemented a list-building strategy 2 years in a row, increased my one-on-one clients, and facilitated group coaching programs. None of this would have been possible without Rebekah’s marketing experience, project management, and attention to detail.

– Melissa Toler, Health & Life Coach



You wouldn’t let just anyone ride in your sidecar. I like that about you. Here’s what you need to know about me.

I invest in your business. I take time to get to know you (and/or your team), to identify what’s really holding you back. Learning as many specifics as possible allows us to work together to create a custom approach based on your goals and working style.

I’m a straight-talking strategist. I’m excellent at coming up with unique strategies, prioritizing opportunities, and dealing with the unknowns in problems. I listen hard and ask a lot of questions, but when it's time to speak and guide you, I talk straight to the solution you need.

I’m a problem solver. I identify areas of opportunity, meditate on the barriers slowing your progress, then put my collaboration skills to work to push you past them. I am the go-to person when elaborate projects are not going as planned.

The fine print: I’ve got a 360-degree view of business developed over 20+ years of experience in business development, operations consulting, strategy, and branding and marketing in both corporate and creative industry environments.

Personally speaking: I’m native to Atlanta, GA but a west-coast convert, currently living in Seattle. When I’m not working, I can almost always be found either hiking the Pacific Northwest trails, curled up with a good book, or having fun with friends and family. (Strong coffee tends to be part of all of the above.)


CEO / Linchpin

Discover life with a small business marketing agency in your sidecar.

(I’ve got three words for you: productive, strategic, tranquil.)



Sharing the Sidecar Perspective on business, marketing and personal lessons on growth in our work lives.

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You + Us = Go Time
You know where your business needs to go. We help you get there. Get in touch and let’s get started.

When running a small- to medium-sized business, it’s especially important your team is made up of people that fit your culture and vision. Our highest concern is for you to have the right solution for your business. Let's explore if we are the right fit.

What happens next:

  • You book a 30-minute call where we get to know each other, your needs and we decide if we’re a fit
  • You fill out a questionnaire providing me with a deeper understanding of your business and work ethic
  • We take care of the logistics (agreement + payment)
  • On the phone or in person, we have a deep-dive Getting Started session where we jump into problem-solving mode to build a solution that fits your style and goals
  • You sit back, relax, and perhaps whip up a snazzy little sidecar cocktail while we get to work
  • We reconvene on a continual basis to stay on track

We help you chart the course – then keep you on it.

Leave your stress, doubt, and wasted time in the dust as you reclaim your time and become known to your audience.