An overhead areal photo of the forest with a road splitting down the middle You wouldn’t let just anyone drive you in the sidecar. We like that about you. Get to know what it's like to travel with us… GET TO KNOW US About Sidecar solutions text

About Us

We provide a high level of detail and a personal touch at a lower cost than an in-house team.

Get unstuck. We take time to get to know your business, your goals, and your customers, to identify what’s really holding you back. We work together to uncover areas of opportunity, deconstruct the barriers slowing your progress, and help push you past them. Learning as many specifics as possible allows us to work together to create a custom approach based on your company’s goals.

Go farther, faster — with less stress. More time. Less stress. With a trusted partner in the driver’s seat, you can ride in the sidecar and focus on the bigger picture of your business. With so many priorities fighting for your attention, we’re here to develop a plan, and keep your marketing running smoothly.

Practical, yet thoughtful. We’re perfect for a company that wants care, attention, and a thorough job done in one area, or across a broad spectrum of marketing. We’re intentional about bringing on a small number of clients at a time to provide you with a deeper level of understanding, a personal touch, and careful attention to detail throughout our journey together.

No matter how short or long your journey, we help you reach your destination. You know where you want to go but need help navigating the course and identifying the roadblocks ahead. Our system applies to projects of all sizes so you can rest assured the same level of detail and expertise is delivered across the map.

Hand over the keys and get back to doing what you do best.

The Team

We work with a hand-picked team of specialists to provide
flexible and precise expertise where needed.

As a group, we value relationships, curiosity, humility, clarity, solid work, and slowing down to see and appreciate the great things happening around us.

Headshot of Rebekah Rius

Rebekah Rius

Chief Navigator

Don’t just take our word for it… see what our clients say.

Discover life with a marketing partner.
(I’ve got three words for you: productive, strategic, tranquil.)

Rebekah Rius

Chief Navigator

Rebekah, our fearless leader, has been helping small businesses in a variety of industries build marketing programs for 20 years. She’s a people-oriented strategist and director who challenges the status quo while designing and delivering practical marketing solutions that fit her clients’ growth goals and drive results.

Whether she’s working directly with the CEO or alongside an internal marketing team, Rebekah’s ability to “see all sides” helps her clients step back, look at the big picture, and focus their marketing efforts in the areas of greatest opportunity. And all with the spirit of friendliness and fun!

Her creative design background motivates her to explore systems by mentally taking them apart, learning all they contain and then rebuilding them in a more useful way, adding and subtracting as necessary.

Preferred way to travel: In style!
Favorite travel destination: Mountain lakes
Dream Car: BMW X6
Go to road trip snack: Beef Jerky