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Marketing that fits
your current stage of life.

Get the direction, map, and fuel you need for a smooth-running business – without the wrong turns.

Have confidence and alignment with marketing that’s true to you

Know what marketing activities to do (or delegate), when, and how

Feel organized and at ease with a marketing system created just for you

Break out of your mental traffic jam

You’ve changed and evolved, seeing the world through wiser eyes. But does your marketing reflect and support who you are now? Or is it still stuck back in the early days?

Running a business at this stage of life looks different than it used to. You might:

  • notice the marketing tactics that worked before aren’t cutting it anymore
  • feel the pressure to stand out from the ever-growing competition online
  • worry AI and other advancing technology are leaving you behind
  • want to work with a different type of client and/or solve different problems
  • have a new product or service idea but don’t know how to take it to market

You feel the need for change. But, ugh, the mere thought of a change at this point feels like teetering on the edge, risking all you’ve built.

And you’ve tried… allllll the courses, DIY marketing, fleeting tactics, agencies, or perhaps another ‘expert guru.’ The promise of change seems elusive. 

It’s ok! The entrepreneurial journey is thrilling – and overwhelming. With the right guidance, your marketing can match what you want and who you are at your current stage.

It’s time for a SHIFT.

Evolve your business with action plans that drive real results



You have a lot of ideas but aren’t sure what’s possible or what will work for your unique situation. With our S.H.I.F.T. framework, you can untangle the web of ideas, aspirations, and challenges in your mind to move forward confidently.


You have clarity and know your destination. But there’s no “one way” to market. We’ll develop a marketing action plan (M.A.P.) that outlines the right-fit tools, priorities, and activities so your marketing will run smoothly while you focus on your expertise.


We won’t leave you stranded at the crossroads. Unlike many marketing shops, we can build what we plan for you! With one-off projects or ongoing services, Sidecar is your bolt-on marketing partner that runs right alongside you.

We don’t use generic strategies you can Google; we blend business savvy, marketing design, and organized operations.

We bring:

  • a thorough, operations-driven mindset that avoids potential potholes
  • a strategy-before-tactics approach that aligns your goals, capabilities, and marketing style
  • a committed team that won’t just leave you on the side of the road with a plan but will journey with you past every mile marker

Still Stuck in Neutral?

I get it! Change can be scary, whether it’s coming at you or you seek it out. It’s challenging and might feel threatening to what you already know – even when it’s not working for you anymore. But…

  • If you’re not aligned with the work you do, you’ll burn out or fade away.
  • If you don’t move forward, you’ll drift back.
  • Entropy waits for no one.

There are too many middle-of-the-road businesses doing the same things the same way. You don’t have to be one of them!

Create a differentiated and profitable brand built on your unique way of seeing the world.

A business that operates from your values, mission, and voice. A business that runs with intention.

Where do you start? It starts with YOU!

Why Sidecar Marketing Solutions?

Hi, I’m Rebekah Rius. I help established solo and micro-business owners shift their work to align with what’s most important to them and the life/work style they want. I help you move past the uncertainty and get excited about the next turn in your business.

As a Gen X’er who has traveled many unconventional routes in life, I’ve had my fair share of change. Of course, sometimes I had to make changes, ready or not. But usually, I’ve actively decided to shift something in my life on purpose.

My 20+ year career includes twists and turns as I’ve changed. For me, it’s all about using my skills and experience from continuous development to help other business owners succeed.

My team and I have helped many clients successfully shift gears for various reasons but always based on what’s important at a pivotal moment to reach their next milestone. We can help you, too.

Here are a few examples of how Sidecar clients have made a shift in their business.


Simplified multiple services down to one to focus on delivering a deeper experience and higher quality outcome to her clients


Separated and productized smaller services from one big, comprehensive offer to provide niche solutions to more than a handful of clients


Developed IP to differentiate herself and grew massive brand recognition, including a speaking circuit and becoming a best-selling author to help an underserved group of people


Productized her expertise into multiple stages of on-demand, group, and mastermind courses to reach more people with her mission


Elevated the brand visuals and messaging to work with fewer but higher paying clients so she didn’t have to work as long and built a team to support her while she provided direct value to her clients

Get your business back in the fast lane. Let’s roll! →