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Client Success Stories

Thought Leader Grows Niche Audience and Offerings

As a thought leader, Melody Wilding knew her gifts could help even more people by focusing on highly sensitive professionals (HSPs). Though ambitious, running her business solo meant constant overwhelm.

Melody began working with Rebekah to prioritize her goals and build systems to optimize operations. This freed up Melody’s time to develop signature programs and IP for “Sensitive Strivers.”

With the support of Rebekah and her team over several years, Melody has published books, created courses, grown revenue, and become a sought-after speaker. Melody credits Rebekah for providing essential support strategy to scale her business and gifts. As Melody stated, “You have a talent for operating at every level – you’re able to get down in the weeds to figure out why something isn’t working, but then are also able to zoom out and conceptualize how everything fits together.”

Today Melody is a thriving thought leader for Sensitive Strivers. Rebekah and the Sidecar team gave her the time and support to share her message widely.

"You've free up SO much mental bandwidth for me"

Career Coach Focuses on Ideal Niche and Achieves Work-Life Balance

After 20 years of offering three broad services, career coach Diane felt overwhelmed trying to serve clients in different life stages. At 70, she wanted to scale back her coaching practice and focus on the niche she loved most.

Unsure how to transition her well-established business, Diane began working with Rebekah, using her SHIFT framework. Together they evaluated Diane’s offerings and devised a strategic plan that would allow her to narrow to just one core service – without reducing revenue.

With this new laser focus, Diane re-energized her passion for coaching college seniors exclusively. She maintained her income while cutting her workload in half. According to Diane, Rebekah “helped me sort out priorities and showed me how to articulate what I bring to the table.”

Through strategic mentoring, Diane reinvented her business on her own terms. She now enjoys more work-life balance while providing focused career coaching that fulfills her.

"I put changing my business on the back burner too many times."

Consultant Expands Client Reach While Retaining Personalized Approach

As an educational consultant, Stephanie cherishes guiding high school students through the college application process, but her comprehensive sometimes multi-year program only allowed a handful of clients. She wanted to expand her impact without sacrificing the personal attention she offers and that her clients appreciate.

Stephanie began working with Rebekah to help her get organized and evaluate the possibilities. Together, they identified opportunities for additional standalone service offerings focused on specific student needs within the college process.

With this strategic shift, Stephanie now helps more students with extended and specialized consulting. Her updated website and branding reflect this expanded, yet personalized approach. As Stephanie shared, Rebekah empowered her to “go from only working with a few clients to having offerings for students at any phase.”

Stephanie achieved her goal of greater impact while retaining the high-touch service she loves. Her next step is to scale her methodology to help even more students.

"I now have a business that is unique – since it reflects me – which has been a significant factor in my success."

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