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Define What a Successful Blog Means to You

Black and white image of a quill in an ink jar

What is a “successful blog?” We all define success differently depending on the goals we each want to achieve. When it comes to blog success, it’s no different. Everyone starts blogging for different reasons, and each person has a different expectation of what he or she will get from the experience. I’ve loved writing since…

8 Easy Steps How To Create An Ebook From Your Blog Articles

Pages turning in a book article cover

Do you write blog posts on the same subject, or around the same theme? Would you like to create a product to offer as an opt-in or to sell on your website? I’d love to share with you one of the things I do for my clients to get more traction out of all the…

“But I’m Not a Storyteller!”

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You know that person who can tell you the most ah-mazing story that leaves you hanging on every word, yet you walk away and realize you were just listening to an embellished tale of garden snails? Yeah, I’m NOT that person. At dinner parties, the kids’ bedtimes – I stink at telling stories, but I…