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We meet again!


  • Examples: Construction, Education, Food & Beverage, Health, Environmental, etc.
  • Products such as tangible goods and cloud-based software (SaaS). Services are typically professional services. Or both such as software (product) and consulting (service).
  • In simple terms, explain what the company offers to its consumers / clients / customers.
  • Please explain.
  • You may not know and that’s ok. Think about it in terms of, what change would you like to see for the company? Or, what is the desired end result?
  • This helps us prepare you for our current timelines and workflows.
  • If so, what worked? What didn’t? What are your expectations about working together?
  • Ex: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, conference, word of mouth, etc.
  • If there is anything else you’d like to share to fill in the blanks – we’re all ears.