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You have talent for operating at every level. You’re able to get down in the weeds to figure out why
something isn’t working, but then able to zoom out and conceptualize how it fits together. You’ve taken the
time to understand my business and audience inside and out, which means you make smart, strategic
suggestions that are right for me, even if that’s different from the “norm” and what gurus say. You’re always
looking for opportunities to optimize, streamline, simplify and add more value to my people – whether
that’s content ideas or new offerings. I deeply appreciate having you as a trusted thought partner. Your
professionalism is so assuring and calming. I always know that things are getting done and to the utmost
standard of quality. You’ve freed up SO much mental bandwidth for me, not only because things are
getting done, but also because you’ve built a team and I know there are processes and systems in place.

It’s like magic.