Sidecar: The Story Behind the Name

When I hand someone my business card or they hear the name of my business, they often want to know the story behind the name. To fully understand what the sidecar represents, here is the story of how Sidecar Marketing Solutions was born.

During my many years in the corporate and agency world, I played the role of employee, dutifully showing up to honor my paid position. In 2012 I broke away and started my own company to help clients market their businesses. Especially how I can best help other businesses distinguish themselves in this busy, noisy world.

Unlike a visit to the gas station, which is transactional, my clients and I are in a partnered relationship, where the prevailing belief is that “we create something better together than by ourselves.”

As I thought about that concept, I envisioned two people working together side by side. There were a lot of analogies that came to mind—hand-in-hand, vis a vis, co-pilot, tandem (I still like that one)—but the one that stuck was the sidecar.

Visualize yourself as a savvy and adventurous business riding down the road nestled into the saddle of your vintage motorcycle. You know your business and how to “drive” it, but would like the freedom to take in some “blue-sky thinking” as you head to your destination. To avoid wandering or crashing, you must keep your eyes on the road, so you think, “I could really use a sidecar on this baby,” and POOF! a sidecar appears along with a fun and practical passenger—us, your marketing solutions experts.

We are in the Sidecar of your business pointing ahead to the next turn we’ve charted in your marketing strategy. We keep you on course around unexpected detours by helping you examine and sort options to make a solid decision; and shout out when a pothole appears, such as helping prevent a potential problem resulting from an unhappy client. With your driving skills and our collaborative back up, we are ready for the road ahead and all the miles we can cover.

You likely spend a lot of time in your business, so it’s important to build a team of people you like. We view life and business as an adventure–something to be explored and pursued with drive and curiosity. Are you ready to make tracks and strengthen your business with the right support? If so, review our marketing solutions and contact us!

P.S. Did I mention a Sidecar is a yummy little cocktail too?